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If you are a parent who thinks that it is worth to explain to children that the money does not
come from a “hole in the wall”, i.e. an ATM, that commercials and sales should be treated
with caution, that saving up is worth the effort, where do millionaires take their money from,
what is the family budget, exactly, and that family money is not just spent on pleasurable
things the course and workshop Mini Entrepreneurs are perfect for your youngsters.

Or maybe you want a summer break to last longer than just two months for your child.
Skilled Explorers are an attractive workshop and course devoted to broadening knowledge
about the world and travelling for preschoolers and elementary school students. The aim of
the classes is to open children to the world – show them interesting parts of Earth and its
diverse cultures, languages, customs, and geography.

Only in 2019, more that 4000 children took part in our workshops.



We highly recommned these workshops! Full professionalism with a super approach to children.

Małgorzata Wielądek teacher

Super initiative, the subject of further education of our toddlers in the field of entrepreneurship and finance with the current scope of education is necessary to prepare them for life. I think that parents can also learn a lot and certainly improve their approach to children in this area. I encourage schools to cooperate. Excellent assessment

Pawel R. Entrepreneur and Dad

Commitment, professional communication of knowledge and skills. Most importantly, children are truly respected partners in discovering difficult realities.

Krzysztof Augustyniak School Director

My daughter had the opportunity to participate in workshops for small entrepreneurs. Among other things, she learned how the bank and credit card work, that the borrowed money has to be given back, and in order to give it back you have to earn it. It turned out that the topics that were obvious to me, to Martyna were not known. The project is worth recommending both as an activity for preschoolers, as well as for schoolchildren.


Agnieszka N. parent

The "Little Entrepreneurs" programme by SMART KId Academy in a systematic, clear and coherent way introduces children to the understanding of difficult issues related to children's finances and entrepreneurship. From the psychological point of view, it is very well adapted to the developmental and perceptual abilities of pre-school children. (...) It stimulates cognitive processes important in this period of development by creating new concepts, practicing memory, thinking and concentration of attention. Its great advantage is the form of play, which develops imagination, ability to cooperate, inspires to act, and through the company of cheerful characters releases a lot of joy and positive emotions.


Beata Nawrot child psychologist, family psychotherapist, academic teacher

The "Small Entrepreneurs" by SMART Kid Academy program effectively introduces small children to the world of business. It teaches how to distinguish whims from needs, principles of saving, resourcefulness and independence. This is an apt and interesting proposition for preschool and school children. With full responsibility I can recommend this program. For all of us it is important that we understand the business world.

Renata Lisowska, PhD Prof. University of Lodz, Faculty of Management
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